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Paris based, DIONYSIOS is a multidisciplinary artist straddling the lines of the real and the metaphysical. 


Raised in Athens, Greece, Dionysios used his country’s multifaceted history as a reference, in order to preserve his ideals in the middle of today’s political, social and economical turmoil, and create a world of the future. 


After studying psychology in Université Paris V, Dionysios decided to conduct his own social experiment in the form of visual art. The artist focuses on the notions of mortality and immortality and how they are perceived in today’s society.


In an observational manner, the artist tries to understand the common characteristics of human desire, regardless of social or economical backgrounds, ethnicity or religious beliefs, based solely on the human soul. This interrogation takes the form of sculptures, paintings, performance, photography and film, tingling multiple senses.


The artist’s heritage characterises his work as well. By re-interpreting the story of Dionysus, the Greek god of nature, chaos, intoxication and theatre, the artist creates a portal across history, immersing the viewer in a fictional universe, giving his work meaning and projecting it to the metaphysical.

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