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37.2643198° N, 25.1795489° E
Paris - Shanghai - Metaverse ( 2022-2023)

37.2643198° N, 25.1795489° E is a collection of speculative objects meant to exist in a virtual world.  analog fragments of cycladic nature become the materials used to create otherwise functional objects for the new digitalised world. By using nature in its analog form, the artist in collaboration with Bismut&Bismut architects, aim to transcribe its vibrations in a space that normally would lack of them The divine light or the peaceful waters of the aegean  redefine the role that nature plays in our digital experiences. 

The pieces were first shown in Musee des Archives Nationales in Paris during design week of 2022, and then again during Shanghai design week in 2023.

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In partnership with Elle decoration. 

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