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meditation sur l'amour  - meditation on love  


This installation is how i envision love. Amid what seem like countless of identical rocks, we find one that is meant for us. We choose it as much as it chooses us. The rock becomes our canvas, our new home. By nurturing it we elevate it and it elevates us. 


I consider this piece to be a meditation for the simple reason that it is the practice as a whole that is the final artwork, rather than the end visual result. I wanted to put myself in the position of finding something to care for, fall in love with and with time and effort, transform it and be transformed by it. 


Creating it took 4 trips to this little uninhabited island called « Platourada » in the middle of the Aegean sea, and a lot of work under the greek sun and windy atmosphere. It is a practice that will forever be ongoing, as I will always have to go back and add layers of gold leaf to maintain it and perfect it. 


Although performative, this could not be considered performance art for the single reason that there was no audience during its creation. 

By creating this installation, I put myself through the process of understanding the stages of Love, and as a result buildng  a place for the audience to reflect on this universal notion, whether it is by immersing themselves or simply viewing it.  


The limits of understanding and defining this piece are as abstract as the notion of love itself.

rock HD-min.jpg
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