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In January 2020 the Greek Economic Forum commissioned RENAISSANCE/REVOLUTION to be their official congratulatory gift to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for taking office at the White House. 


RENAISSANCE/REVOLUTION  is a symbol of unity and peace. This mixed media piece opens the dialog between Past and Future, bringing to the forefront the power of ideas that transcend borders. An aspiration to the new Golden Age of

Greece for a new generation, by a new generation, rooted in collaboration, harmony and inclusivity.

This new era is personified by Nike of Samothrace, a token of action and victory. The choice of this icon is a direct parallel with the new VP, Ms Kamala Harris, the first woman of color in such an important government position. It is a message of

optimism for a new world, with new ideas, new identities and no limitations. 


The merging of Greece and the USA create an iconoclastic superhero, one that walks over a crushed military aircraft, turning it into a relic of the past. Timeless values are redesigned to better fit the present and create the future.

nike final HD .jpg
Screenshot 2021-11-23 at 00.21.29.png
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